With an intuitive feel for implementing proven methodologies and best practices, Jesse has guided 100s of clients through a wide array of improvement initiatives, leaving a trail of successful projects and satisfied clients. His specialties include strategic planning, management system integration, information systems, and technology design and implementation. 

"Over my years I have come to understand behind every successful business is a high performing individual. I am humbled and grateful at the opportunity to combine my passion for personal performance with my professional experience.  My most important background includes being a father of 2 amazing beings and a calling to health and wellness both as a continual student and teacher. The path that led me here consisted of climbing a traditional business ladder, branching out as an entrepreneur and inventor, becoming financially and materistically abundant. I found myself complacent, unfulfilled and questioning purpose. I began pursuing Yoga and embarking on further expanding personal consciousness. I entered the turnstiles of Yoga through Hatha and its physicality. I discovered moving meditation and was brought to tears in this practice. Confused but hooked, I have made it my purpose to continue to discover and integrate these modalities with the foreign business world I came from. I finished an Ironman in 2016 and I began a quest of deeper understanding and knowledge in Yoga, Breathwork, and Energy Work. I serve clients from a unique perspective which blends traditional data/metric driven (Western/Scientific) processes with Yogic (Eastern) and Energetic (Universal) philosophies and practices creating an outcome of custom efficacy that fits each entity uniquely.

Related Accomplishments and Areas of Experience:

​Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Successful Business Exit

Inventor and Patent Holder

Professional Performance and Business Consultant

Practitioner, Student, and Teacher

Yoga - Breathwork - Meditation

G.A.I.A. Kids Program

RYT 200 (Yoga Alliance)

Theta Healing Advanced Practitioner


Ironman 2016 Finisher

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - CRBJJ Competition Team - 2019 Gold Medalist

Human BEING and Lover of Life

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